Weiss + Appetito and DriveExport : a success story

We are very proud to share a customer story published by Google where Weiss + Appetito – a group of companies working in construction services for almost a century – describes how they adopted G Suite using DriveExport to automate the backup of the files on-premises using the Google Cloud APIs.

Weiss + Appetito managed the migration of all of its files from its previous servers and systems onto Google Drive, … We use Google Cloud APIs to back up everything every night onto a storage facility near Bern, Switzerland. It’s an additional measure we like to take, and DriveExport makes it very easy.”

Oliver Schüttel, CFO, Weiss + Appetito

Using DriveExport,​ ​they regularly​ backup ​their files from Google Drive on the cloud to their data-center in Bern, Switzerland. Having a local copy of their files – a very valuable company asset – makes them more comfortable using a cloud-only solution like G Suite.


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