DriveExport licensing

This article clarifies the licensing terms of DriveExport and how to correctly compute the number of user licenses required for a G Suite subscription.

The DriveExport licensing is based on the number of users. Usually, this number is equal to or greater than the number of users of your G Suite subscription. However, sometimes it can be smaller. For example, if you want to process only the users of a department of your company, you need a license only for that number of users.

Google Drive documents can be stored in one of two different containers: My Drive or Team Drives. My Drive is the personal user storage area. Team Drives are shared areas that are not owned by a single user – several authorized users within a company have access to the files stored inside.

DriveExport connects to Google service to retrieve Team Drives, users, related document information, and then download required documents and files. The number of users that DriveExport process is limited by the license configuration and based on the number of users.

DriveExport supports the export of Team Drives and should be licensed to the corresponding number of users that have access to Team Drives. This way, we can keep a simple and convenient licensing model, without applying a limit to the number of files exported.

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